Candidate Presentation
  • All consultants are sent over with a “Requirements Comparison” of how they align with what you’ve said you are looking for along with a summary containing their current situation, compensation details, and availability.

  • We schedule all interviews.

  • We directly present and negotiate all offers, rates, travel terms, and scheduling issues

  • Conduct all reference checks

  • All consultants are thoroughly interviewed to make sure they meet not only the technical requirements but also for “deliverability” and “success” factors such as logistics, soft skills, and similar project history by a Recruiter that has undergone in-depth training on the technologies we specialize in.

Support and Report
  • Directly liaise on any non-project task-oriented issues or concerns.

  • Conduct routine check-in and support

  • Proactively monitor market and consultant activity for existing, upcoming, or potential projects

  • Have a project review with the key stakeholders.

  • Analyze, qualify, and confirm the accuracy of the resource requirements.

  • Review Key Market factors that could impact the process.

  • Set SLAs

  • Put together a multi-source consultant identification strategy with the goal of providing the best resource the market has to provide

  • Our existing consultant base will be evaluated first and will then be compared to the Alternatives.