Our success has come from speaking directly with the hiring managers to qualify their needs.

Our expertise lies in our ability to continually find and qualify highly-skilled professionals.

Our value and pride is in the accuracy in which we recruit and the relationships we develop with both Clients and Consultants.

Our recruiter training program is second to none. All of our recruiters go through an extensive training program including: understanding current technologies, expert sourcing techniques, expert interviewing techniques. 


Clients can be confident that when a consultant is presented to them for a project they have been through our in-depth interview process as well. We have thoroughly pre-qualified the individual against every requirement for the position. We will have spoken with them at length to discuss their background, skills, career goals, and how they can directly contribute to your specific needs.






Niche Focus

  • We specialize only in a few specific areas of IT and only on Consulting so we can keep up with those consultants on a regular basis


Expert Qualifiers 

  • Our 15 minute process for qualifying a job will allow us to put together a detailed but succinct job description.

  • Our interview process is so in-depth that we don’t even need to see a resume... Of course we will need one eventually to share with the Client!


Expert Researchers

  • We understand our clients' challenges and the market conditions through research and ongoing learning

  • We know how to uncover resumes of every qualified person. Search. Network. Ask.


Expert Communicators

  • We set proper expectations with our Consultants and Clients

  • We share specifically what expertise our Consultants can bring to projects


Expert Gatherers

  • We have over 25,000 candidates in our database that our recruiters and account managers are continually cultivating & updating

  • A large portion of the consultants we have cannot be found in typical candidate search sites or social media as they have been cultivated over a 20 year period.

Why Choose S3?

Heres what our Clients Say:


 You always deliver truly great candidates - I know I can go straight to setting up an interview with little to no scrutiny of the resume. When I have a resource requirement, you are very responsive and detailed, you know the exact questions to ask to help clarify what I am looking for.


You guys are awesome about keeping in touch and always there when we need you. Your response time is amazing. When we have open positions, you make sure you have  clear understanding of what’s needed and are very quick to react finding excellent candidates.


S3 Candidates tend to be more flexible and independent (not tied to a big firm where they need to follow certain protocol). They seem to do a great job taking guidance and suggestions.


Your consultants rank in the top tier of all consultants I have ever worked with!


I appreciate that you reduce the amount of time needed to interview potential candidates by finding more qualified people to interview.  It's obvious you have a more thorough vetting process.